1.      Equity Capital Markets
The Equity Capital Markets (ECM) department provides a full range of tailored equity financing solutions to clients, offering products such as initial public offerings, secondary placements, private placements, convertible bonds and warrants. 
Based on the needs of our clients, CSFS provides support in the origination of primary market transactions and manages their structuring, syndication, marketing and distribution.
Our distribution networks cover large investment funds, insurers, financial institutions and well-known institutional investors. CSFS also maintains close ties with large Qualified Foreign Institution Investors (QFII) through Credit Suisse¡¯s global investor network.
2.      Debt Capital Markets
The Debt Capital Markets (DCM) department designs an array of innovative fixed income products and solutions for our clients. The department¡¯s product offering includes government bonds, financial bonds, subordinated debt, enterprise bonds and corporate bonds, as well as the sale and R&D of relevant products. With an extensive and effective sales network, DCM has established solid long-term relationships with professional fixed income investors, such as commercial banks, insurers, fund companies, social insurance funds, rural credit cooperatives, postal savings bank, financial companies and large enterprises.
3.      Financial Advisory, Mergers and Acquisitions
With extensive experience in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) and financial advisory, we provide a full range of services, such as identifying domestic and international investment and divestment opportunities, business and asset restructuring, private placement and business valuation.  Combining the local expertise of CSFS and Credit Suisse¡¯s unsurpassed level of industry, regional and product expertise, our M&A professionals are at the forefront of providing advisory services to clients.