¡°client-orientation, compliance and trustworthiness, professionalism and soundness, innovation and entrepreneurship¡± as the Company's cultural philosophy and values.
Customer-orientation: We listen carefully to the voices of our clients, and in consideration of our expertise and resources, and provide our clients with outstanding solutions to help them make the best decisions to achieve their financial goals.
Compliance and trustworthiness: We adhere to high-standard compliance requirements; everyone acts in compliance and keeps compliance in mind; adhere to honesty and trustworthiness and cherish personal reputation and company reputation.
Professionalism and soundness: We focus on our own strengths and provide professional and differentiated services to build the Company's core competitiveness. At the same time, we insist on the approach of being objective, pragmatic, rational and prudent, and in light of the Company's capabilities, industry realities, and market needs, ensure the Company's sustainable and healthy development.
Innovation and entrepreneurship: In reliance on skill-qualified and self-motivated employees, we strive to continue leveraging the successful experience of world-class financial institutions, consolidate our footprint in the local market, and give play to the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, in an effort to become a leading broker in terms of service level in the sector.

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